the light

what about the quiet and the deIMG_111700077875364sert from the eternal night

how can i fight against this scarry and possessive empty space from  life

nobody shows me the way to fight against my fear

i am cursed to search entire life…… the light

we born alone and so we die, the life is an desired gift

but not in darkness,  not in night, but in to light

we run through life without directions ,to find the purpose of the life

nobody shows us in which direction is …….the light

a few of us may found it, nobody knows exactly if they did

is just a rumour between us ,so that the hope won’t die

i won’t give up to search it ,i’ll do my   best for it

the reason for my birth i know it now : to search …….the light!

My soul

The loneliness surround me,this empty room  outside

i wish i was a bird to fly away through sky

unsure i search inside me something i use to have

there s nothing left now to fill the place inside


Everything that was is gone now,i cry for nothing

the memories that warming my cold soul are slowly freezing too

The past is far behind, and i can not change it,but

that s why i turn my eyes to you ,you are my future now.


Alone between the people i search for you in vain

nobody tell me that you left,long time ago and never you ll come back

with you inside me it wouldn’t be so cold and dark

where are you dear ? where are you hope?

What about the future

You never know it until you taste it.Seen from outside the situation is not like you would of seen it from inside.It`s very simple .Anyway we are living very insecure  days.The politic and economic situation is very unsure that s why our actions most of  the   time represent the image in mirror of reality that surround us.I don`t have nothing against  the political class, maybe only against their actions.I always thought that we should adapt  to what is new and to respond always( no matter what the situation is like ),with dignity and kindness .Most of the time the political class is ruled by big corporations that stays behind and pulls the ropes,that s way i think that i believe that we need to change the system and to do something that would really work for the people in this Europe United. Education  is the key word. Europe should invest in his children more so that the product that the next generation is representing would bring the change that we need.To became a united country Europe needs reforms and the kids that today we neglect maybe can have the opportunity to become Europe’s future.